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San Diego, which of course is German for a whale’s vagina.

I was lucky enough to be able to go to San Diego last weekend for a dear friend’s wedding. San Diego is amazing! Such a beautiful city. I, however, made the dumbass decision only to go for a day and a half because I “had to work.” Lame.

My already short vacation was made even shorter because my flight there was delayed over an hour so they could fix a window, which I think is an odd thing to be wrong with an airplane. That wouldn’t have been so bad if chatty Kathy hadn’t been sitting two seats away updating whoever was on the other end of her cell phone every 2 1/2 minutes and if there hadn’t been a monster child kicking the back of my seat the entire time. And like every other air travel related inconvenience we had already boarded the plane, the flight was already supposed to leave late at 9:15 pm and they didn’t really tell us what was going on or how long it would talk until I don’t know, 10 minutes before they were finished. This is how I felt:

You’d have to have seen this episode of 30 Rock. Liz Lemon and her pilot boyfriend get in a fight on the plane because he keeps delaying the flight for “about half an hour” for nonsense reasons. Hilarious!

So I finally got there, took a $36 cab ride seven miles to my friend’s hotel and had some beers on the beach. So, overall I’d call the end of night one a success.

Then we had hangover breakfast (I had a soy-chorizo breakfast burrito which was delicious! And spent the day helping the bride primp. The wedding was small, just 14 of us there total which I think was wonderful. It was intimate and beautiful and I loved it! The ceremony was on Coronado beach, which was incredible, and we hung out there for a little while after the ceremony.

Let me tell you, I could have stayed right there on the beach for days, maybe weeks! I love living in Colorado but there’s just something so peaceful and wonderful about the beach.

All of that was great but I think my favorite part of the trip was that I shared a hotel room with one of the other bridesmaids and it was next door to a strip club, because we’re just that classy. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to check it out… bummer.

I was shocked at how humid the air felt to me. I grew up in Chicago so I’m no stranger to humidity, but I think living in Colorado for the past 10 years has spoiled me. Now the smallest percent of humidity feels just miserable to me and I was constantly sweating. I mean I’m already kind of a sweaty person when it’s just hot, but hot plus humid, I could have taken a dozen showers and still felt gross.

Then unfortunately my flight back home was at an ungodly early hour for a Saturday, and by that I mean 8:45 am. I got back and realized that I didn’t have a back from the airport. I’m really good at planning ahead, I always have been just ask my parents. My plane landed at 12:03 and the bus back to Boulder was at 12:20 and not again for another hour which was a problem because I had the brilliant idea of telling my employer that I could work that day and I had to be there at 3:00. So I had about 15 minutes to sprint across DIA, which if you’ve been there before is no easy task. So I’m running and finally get outside and a cop stopped me to ask if he could help. So I said “I’m looking for the AB bus” and he said, “You mean the one pulling up right now?” That’s right, I literally made it JUST in time. Phew.

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Happier Things

My life used to be seem a lot more exciting… For a while, I was going out every weekend. Meeting guys. Partying. I barely had a job but I didn’t mind. I was couch surfing between my dad’s house, my sister’s place, and various friends’ homes. It was just me, my puppy and whoever struck my fancy that week. I was literally living out of my car–I kept a suitcase of a few outfits and all my shoes in my trunk. That sounds so exhausting now and I really only lived like that for about a year and a half? Two years? I don’t know, that time period kinda all blurs together. My friends used to tell me that they were living vicariously through me because I had just absolutely ridiculous stories. The kind of stories that you wouldn’t think happen in real life. Like that one New Years when a stranger told me that he’d do anything in the world to marry me because I was the perfect girl. He kept telling me I looked like the girl from “Scarlet A.” I had red hair then so I think he meant Emma Stone, and I was wearing a really low cut dress which is, apparently, his idea of marriage material. Or that time a guy I was dating invited me to a party he was already at with another girl. He was the biggest douchebag I’ve ever met and he was an idiot. I guess he didn’t think that she and I would actually talk and realize he’d been dating both of us. I’m still not sure how he was planning on getting out of that one.

Because I could definitely afford a $200 New Years dress when I was only working part time…

While those stories are probably funnier than one about my boyfriend and I playing cribbage (“Baby, you don’t have 10 points you have 16! Haha! I can’t believe you missed that!” Hilarious) and I had a lot of fun, I can say, unequivocally, that I am much, much happier now. I’m the kind of happy that’s deep in your bones. Content might be a better word. I was happy being wild before but this is a much better kind of happy. That’s not to say that having a boyfriend equals happiness, that’s certainly not the case for everyone and I really didn’t think I wanted or needed a boyfriend until this one settled himself into my life. I just think that for me, being a crazy, party animal was more of a phase than who I really am. I can’t go balls to the wall every weekend forever, and it’s tiring just thinking about it.

When I first met Boyfriend several months ago, I was actually being set up with someone else (because that’s how classy I am). A friend of mine had a friend whose work required a lot of travel, which makes for a great fling because nobody gets attached when you know one of you will be leaving before too long. So I went with my friend on a group outing with her boyfriend, his brother and a couple other of their mutual friends (including the one who travels for work). So we’re all hanging out, drinking and nothing happened. For a few days after that my friend kept asking me if her friend had called me, which he hadn’t. I really thought nothing of it because while I did think he was cute, I thought my friend’s boyfriend’s brother was a lot cuter. (Still with me?) A week or two later, my friend and her boyfriend were “having people over” for Taco Tuesday. “Having people over” turned out to be them, the brother and me. Well, long story short, the brother and I totally hit it off, and I can comfortably say that he’ll be around for a long time.

I found this fortune in my car yesterday. I got it a month or two before I met Boyfriend and I don’t remember why I saved it, but now I’m keeping it on my desk at work. I’ve only ever saved one other fortune cookie fortune before and it said, “You will have more money than you can spend.” I still have it… and I’m still waiting for that one to come true.

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