Real Conversations

So last night boyfriend and I decided to go grocery shopping because he wanted me to make him a pie (which was delicious thank you very much!) And we ended up going full on grocery shopping, doesn’t that always happen, though? You go to the store for paper towels and end up buying all of the things?? Anywho while we were there I saw Christmas tree shaped zebra cakes, which he loves. So I showed him the cakes and ended up putting them back on a random shelf. About half an hour after we got home we had this conversation…

Boyfriend: I want some zebra cakes.

Me: Are you kidding me I asked you if you wanted them!

But I didn’t say no.

You didn’t say anything. I showed them to you and asked if you wanted them and you asked me if I wanted them and I said I didn’t care but I thought you would and you said you didn’t know so I put them on the shelf and then you said ‘those don’t go there.’

Exactly! Because they ‘go’ in the cart!

So why didn’t you put them in the cart then?

But you were supposed to.

Then I made him a strawberry pie, his favorite, and all is right with the world. When they make a sitcom about my life someday it will be hilarious!

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