My sisters and I do silly things to stay connected to each other when we can’t hang out all the time. One day, my younger sister and I were watching an episode of Modern Family where Manny and Gloria had been collecting pennies for years and they finally found their hundredth penny. So my sister and I were just chatting away and one of us must have said something about trying to find 100 pennies.

Challenge Accepted.

Here are the rules:
-Pennies must be heads up (flip over tails up pennies to pass good luck to whoever finds it next)
-Pennies must be in a public location (i.e. no finding pennies in your car, friends’ homes, grandpa’s change jar, etc.)
-No taking pennies out of a wishing fountain (I mean you could get 100 just there and that’s dumb)
-Gloating is allowed (like texting a pic of the newly acquired penny saying something like “Suck it I’m winning!” Ya know sister things.)
-Keep pennies separate from your other change… obviously.
-Whoever finds 100 pennies first wins. Wins what, you ask? We don’t know, you just win, which I imagine will include a significant amount of trash talk.
-EDIT: Pennies can’t be found by someone else and given to you… Nice try, Jaime!

And that’s pretty much it. We even went to Hobby Lobby to get special penny jars… I still need to decorate mine!

So I took the lead today and found my 7th penny! I’ve recently started doing things to increase my odds at winning. Things like staring intently at the ground whenever I’m walking anywhere (which is super awkward, by the way), leaving my own pennies heads up in random places, flipping over tails up pennies for the next guy, and going through drive-throughs more and opening my door to see if anyone dropped change (mostly Starbucks & the bank but also did you you that Burger King has veggie burgers?! Love it)

If I’m being honest, we pretty much already know it’s a race between my older sister and me. My younger sister didn’t even buy a big enough jar to fit 100 pennies… good luck sis!

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